A leader in assembly decoration

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The assembly type decoration by use of the principle of standardization, integration and modularization, and the main structure of equipment, pipeline parallel design, decentralization of production design standard parts can realize indoor, Bupin integration using system integration technology, on-site assembly with the help of information technology in parts. The assembly can change the traditional style decoration decoration caused by a large number of field manual operation of long duration, high energy consumption, heavy pollution, waste and a series of problems, to improve the efficiency, reduce energy consumption, optimize the quality, so as to promote the healthy and continuous development of social economy.

In September 2016, the general office of the State Council issued the guiding opinions on vigorously developing the fabricated buildings. The idea of "building the whole decoration" is one of the eight key tasks. Since then, various governments have issued policies in succession, all of which are "full decoration" and "assembly decoration" as an important task for the development of the construction industry at the present stage. This triggered the transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain of decoration and decoration, and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises also brought changes in the structure of talents, and gave birth to new jobs. "Industrial transformation, talent first, in the occupation colleges open assembly building decoration style decoration direction related professional, standardized design, interior oriented product factory production, assembly of construction enterprises, it is imperative to strengthen engaged in the design, production and construction management job group high-quality technical skills talents. So, how to cultivate high-quality technical skills for assembly decoration?

Deepening the research of enterprises and constructing the curriculum system

Through in-depth research on design, production and product integration enterprise, set the analysis work, summarize and refine the position of core competence and knowledge structure, construct the basic knowledge and skills based on the curriculum content, and in accordance with the "main line of standard design - production - assembly - construction information management" the development of the. (see the appendix)

In the course of construction, we should strengthen cooperation between schools and enterprises, deepen the deep integration of schools and enterprises, transform advanced technology into teaching resources and teaching materials, and transform research results from universities to enterprises. In the whole process of construction, we should establish a mutually beneficial and win-win mechanism, give full play to the advantages of all parties, and encourage the cooperative development and innovation of the school and enterprise.

Meet the needs of talents and upgrade the training conditions

We should improve the practical teaching conditions, upgrade the traditional training facilities, innovate practical training and practice methods, and combine the combination of virtual reality with online and offline teaching mode. We should introduce enterprises to enter schools, establish close cooperation with enterprises, and jointly set up assembly decoration Research Institute. We will build indoor Department Park, one-stop exhibition hall, assembly decoration engineering method exhibition, assembly decoration standardization design studio, etc.

The establishment of "factory in school" in the enterprise, set up enterprise class, exploration of practical teaching mode of modern apprenticeship system based on the establishment of "general gang - with the post - Post" business practice system; guide the use of holidays, to carry out the second classroom practice, work, rest and other activities; She Lipei training institutions, build occupation training teachers team, in order to protect the organization and implementation of practical teaching activities.

In addition, based on the Internet platform, using BIM technology, VR&AR technology, mobile technology, the construction of the virtual classroom instructional design related courses, teaching resources, in order to facilitate the engineering case, the video industry, micro class information in the mobile terminal and PC terminal transmission.

Respecting the development of personality and optimizing the teaching organization

The teaching organization mode of "three class, four places and five stages" is explored. The three class is: the first class, the second class, the enterprise class. The first class is mainly to complete the occupation literacy module, occupation basic module and occupation skill module 3 module mainly completes the second classroom teaching; traditional skills, creative design and business counseling 3 module mainly completes the task of classroom practice; enterprise general post, with the post and post 3 time module teaching task. Four places are: integrated classroom, school training room, school studio (Institute), enterprise. The five stage is: the stage of professional enlightenment, the stage of personality discovery, the stage of the development of the specialty, the stage of potential mining and the stage of the professional practice.

In the teaching organization, we should highlight the students' main position, pay attention to the discovery of the students' personality, create conditions for the students to play special strengths and excavate the students' potential. Modular curriculum design and alternation of teaching and learning organization are conducive to individualized teaching, so that every student can find personal development direction according to their personality and expertise.

Pay attention to process assessment and multiple effective evaluation

We should build a multi-dimensional teaching evaluation system and make overall evaluation of teaching activities, so as to promote the improvement of teaching quality, pay attention to the process assessment of students, and pay attention to students' learning progress and dynamic development.

The traditional way of building construction is not conducive to the sustainable development of social economy. Therefore, the government attaches great importance to the modernization transformation and upgrading of construction industry, and vigorously promotes the new industrialization construction technology, and promotes the development of assembly technology. The assembly decoration is an important part of the construction industrialization, and it is the direction of the transformation of the building decoration enterprise. Talent plays a decisive role in the success or failure of enterprise transformation. Vocational education should serve the development of regional economy, and provide talents support for the transformation of industries and enterprises in the region.