Commercial real estate ushered in the critical point of value reconstruction

2018-01-30 02:31:06 admin 0

On December 22~23, the fourteenth annual conference of China office building development forum, entitled "return and reconstruction: the way of sustainable development of commercial real estate", was held in Beijing. The union real estate chamber of Commerce Office branch secretary Liu Kai said that since 2017, north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a second tier city commercial office purchase marks the return of commercial real estate from commercial property to the Property Office blurred, leading to the return of personal investment from leading investment institutions, from the extensive development of sales to standard holding operations return. For the business of real estate, housing does not stir fry, business can not be held; living in the house, to do some address, is the new era of real estate value reconstruction of the inevitable requirement. Urban renewal, joint office, long rented apartment, REITs, assembly Architecture... The new era, new business and new office foreshadowed the critical point of value reconstruction in the industry.