Brand enterprises stationed in Jingnan Power rise

2018-01-30 02:30:38 admin 1

In December 26th, COSCO, Shimao, Financial Street, the first joint Sina Locke, around the "city new Huan" and "building Beijing City Nancheng new beautiful" and other topics of discussion. With more and more intensive and brand enterprises stationed in Beijing Nancheng, the region of the city ecological and environmental construction in the parties to work together and cooperate, constantly upgrading, attracted a lot of attention to the purchasing power of the crowd. "Nancheng has a beautiful fan", from Beijing to Xiong an, from Beijing to Tongzhou, this fanshaped area is full of possibilities. That's why Shimao and other enterprises will focus on South City. Sun Yu, the assistant president of Shimao North China region, said.