127 million square meters of newly built assembly building in October

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A reporter Liu Liyuan reporter from the Ministry of housing and Urban Construction recently held "to promote stable and healthy development of prefabricated building" news conference, to conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy, the Ministry of housing and urban construction focus, implement the plan, through pilot demonstration leading to expand the scale of overall progress, promote industrial development other measures to promote the healthy and steady development of assembly type building. In the 1~10 month of this year, about 127 million square meters of newly built construction projects have been implemented in China. Pilot demonstration lead the whole advance

In November 2017, the Ministry of housing and urban construction identified 30 cities and 195 enterprises as the first batch of assembly building demonstration cities and industrial bases. The demonstration cities are distributed in the East, the middle and the West. The fabricated buildings have their own characteristics. The industrial bases relate to 27 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and some central enterprises. The industrial type covers the whole industrial chain of design, production, construction, equipment manufacturing, operation and maintenance. Under the guidance of pilot demonstration, the assembly architecture has gradually formed a comprehensive work pattern.

Up to now, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) have issued relevant policy documents to promote the development of fabricated buildings, and the overall development trend has been formed. In the promotion of prefabricated building development process, combined with the country focusing on the local industrial base and social and economic development, according to local conditions to determine the development goals and priorities, in the land, planning, taxation, financial and other aspects of the development of relevant incentive measures, innovation management mechanism, to ensure stable and healthy development of prefabricated construction.

Among them, the city of Beijing in the part of the land auction method innovation, "control premium and limit price", the bidder independently reported high standards of residential construction scheme, and pioneered the use of the market mechanism and enterprise performance guarantee commitment in high standard residential construction project management, ensure project construction into prefabricated construction projects.

Shanghai city will be assembled into the requirements of building construction and construction management information system for land supervision, land transfer, construction, drawing, construction permits, and acceptance of such links set management node checks to ensure the tasks and requirements of the letter. At the same time, the supervision of precast component components should be strengthened, and the production enterprises of the component components and their products are carried out to the record registration.

The promotion of the whole process of quality traceability system in Shandong Province, the construction conditions of submissions, technology review, the industrialization of residential district comprehensive acceptance of 3 systems, with the real fall in the land and building project, supply chain planning and design process, the completion of a comprehensive inspection of the strict demands.

Expanding the scale to drive the development of industry

All localities have actively promoted assembly building projects to the ground, and the scale of newly built architecture is growing. According to statistics, the area of newly built construction in 2015 is 72 million 600 thousand square meters, and the proportion of the new construction area of the town is 2.7%. In 2016, the new construction area of the country was 114 million square meters, and the proportion of the new construction area of the town was 4.9%, which was 57% higher than that of 2015. In 1~10 month of 2017, about 127 million square meters of newly built construction projects have been implemented in China.

The expansion of the fabricated building directly led to the development of the whole industrial chain, such as design, construction, parts and components production, assembly decoration, equipment manufacturing, transportation logistics and related supporting. Some local governments have actively introduced the assembly type building leading enterprises and promoted the development of local economy while promoting the development level of local assembly architecture.

Enhance the quality and enhance the sense of mass gain

Assembly architecture is an important hand in the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, and also an important aspect of the structural reform of the supply side in the construction field. The nineteen major reports of the Communist Party of China indicate that the main contradiction of our society in the new era is the contradiction between the growing demand for better life and the imbalanced development of the people. It is an important way to enhance the people's sense of gain and happiness by improving the quality of the building and improving the health and comfort of the living. The building quality is greatly improved by standardized design, factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration, information management and intelligent application.

Prefabricated construction in factory production as the main product manufacturing site to replace the construction way, Bupin components stable quality of industrial production; masonry work to replace the manual assembly operations, can greatly reduce the construction errors and human errors, ensure the quality of construction; prefabricated construction way can effectively improve the precision of the product, to solve the system of quality problems, reduce the building late maintenance costs, extend the life of the building; promoting the renovation of residential development, assembly style decoration, not only to enhance the decoration quality, save energy and resources, but also reduces the noise and emissions of construction waste. Therefore, the assembly building in the improvement of the quality of the building, but also enhance the people's sense of gain.

Practice the concept of green development in depth

The nineteen major reports of the party have made it clear that green development should be promoted. Assembly architecture is an important point in the practice of green development in the field of architecture. Compared with the traditional cast-in-place building, the fabricated building can shorten the construction period of 25%~30%, save water about 50%, reduce the masonry and plastering mortar about 60%, save wood about 80%, reduce construction energy consumption by 20%, reduce construction waste by more than 70%, and significantly reduce construction dust and noise pollution. At the same time, green construction has obvious advantages in terms of energy saving, material saving and emission reduction. It plays a supporting role in promoting green building development, improving building quality and connotation, and promoting transformation and upgrading of construction industry.

The next step, the Ministry of housing and urban construction in accordance with the "one body and two wings, two supporting ideas", which is mature and reliable for prefabricated construction technology standard system for "one", the development of EPC general contracting model and BIM information technology for "two wings", institutional innovation and management to promote industrial development "support", to further improve the assembling quality of construction, promote stable and healthy development of industry, and constantly enhance the people's sense of access, provide important support for the green development of urban and rural housing construction area.