A new pattern of real estate industry in the new era

2018-01-29 18:14:08 admin 38

On 15~16 December, the whole real estate chamber of Commerce will be held in Beijing in 2017. The union real estate chamber of Commerce honorary president Nie Meisheng pointed out that the real estate industry ushered in the new era remodeling pattern, "insisted the house was used to live, not to fry" has become the new positioning of the real estate industry, in this context, the real estate function will change, will be more emphasis on the use of residential house property this is also the inevitable social support to support the real economy, the livelihood of the people, can see the real estate industry policy environment and market environment changes, the real estate industry concentration will be further improved. The State Council Development Research Center of resources and Environmental Policy Research Institute deputy director Li Zuojun believes that the face of the new economic situation, the development of enterprises to understand the new situation and seize new opportunities, meet new challenges, cultivate new awareness, new positioning, identify the development of new products and services, to explore new mode and new management.