The ancient review artisan spirit of enterprise

2018-01-29 18:15:58 admin 30

Recently, sponsored by the Sichuan city of Chengdu Province Architectural Society of ancient gardens of the academic committee "China Chengdu ancient garden fourth technology seminar" held in Chongzhou city. The meeting with the Sichuan on building big artisan spirit "as the theme, the experts, scholars and entrepreneurs agreed that" Shu culture "has a long history, is an important part of Chinese culture. During the Warring States period, a great project was built in Dujiangyan during the period of craftsmen and Warring States period. Existing ancient buildings should refer to the practice of Beijing "should guarantee should be protected, the protection in the first place, the scope of protection should be extended to the country, to speed up the legislation on the protection of ancient buildings and houses, let in the remains of the ancient building better service for a better life.