The wisdom society ": the trillions market and the prospect of scientific and technological innovation

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In the nineteen major reports of the party, "the intelligent society" has been put forward as an important part of the building of an innovative country, which has attracted wide attention from the society. What are the important elements of a smart society? What is the difference between the wise cities mentioned before? What influence will be brought about by the construction of a smart society... Or will be an important part of the industry's thinking and exploration.

The nineteen major reports of the party put forward that we should strengthen basic research in application and expand the implementation of major national science and technology projects as strong support for building "strong science and technology power, strong quality, powerful aerospace, powerful network, powerful transportation, digital China and smart society". Among them, the wisdom society, as an important part of the building of an innovative country, is put forward, which has aroused wide attention of the society.

From intelligent city to intelligent society, science and technology drive and ecological synergy

Before the discussion of the intelligent society, we have to mention the city of wisdom. Although both are driven by science and technology, there are obvious differences in the components, operating mechanism and system synergy.

Smart city is the product of integration of information technology, industrialization and urbanization. It is an important measure to solve urban diseases such as traffic jam, environmental pollution, resource shortage and so on by means of information and technology.

Smart city concept was first proposed by IBM company, its purpose is to make full use of information and communication technology means the sense of key information measurement, analysis, integration of city core operation system, make intelligent response to various needs of the people's livelihood, including environmental protection, public security, city services, industrial and commercial activities, to create a better the city life for human being.

The idea of intelligent city has been put forward and responded to many countries and cities around the world. In 2009, Iowa Dubuque announced that the first smart city construction. In 2010, the European Commission announced the economic development plan for the next ten years, and clearly put forward the path of "smart growth, inclusive growth and sustainable growth". China, Australia and other countries also launched smart city construction plan.

Although China is not the first country to implement smart city construction, but thanks to China's rapid urbanization process and its implementation in public construction, China's smart city construction has achieved remarkable results. According to statistics, as of June 2016, more than 500 cities have clearly proposed or are building smart cities, of which 95% of sub provincial cities and 76% of prefecture level cities. In terms of the number of intelligent cities built, China has become a big country of intelligent city construction, and it has become the main test field of the world's intelligent city innovation.

The concept of smart society not only promotes the extension and connotation of the extension of smart city, but also puts forward new requirements and goals for economic development, public service and social governance from the perspective of top-level design.

First of all, from the scope of coverage, the intellectual society covers a wider range. The key to the choice of intelligent city is to take the city as the core, and the important carrier and platform of its operation are all cities. In fact, with the expansion of the Internet connection scope, the ability to incorporate more areas into the scope of intelligence services is improving and costs are falling. The "wisdom community" built in Shenyang, for example, is to realize the full coverage of urban communities and agricultural communities through the Internet connection.

The future, "wisdom" production, life, service is not only to solve the city needs, will also play an important role in agriculture, rural modernization, rural agricultural wisdom and wisdom is not only conducive to the promotion of rural life and production efficiency, will also establish urban and rural integration development system plays an important role.

Secondly, from the operational mechanism, the intelligent society will be more focused on the multi center innovation system drive. Compared with the interactive mechanism of the government, enterprises and residents, the intelligent society emphasizes the synergy of the innovation system under the support of science and technology. Production, life, governance, and service will become a whole. To some extent, smart society is based on the government's wisdom platform and standard, and it is built by enterprises, institutions and residents to create smart government, smart enterprise, smart city and smart life together.

Under the system of smart society, social innovation system will show more diversified distribution. Every aspect of social innovation system may become the initiator of a smart function. This system of centralization will produce more powerful creative power and potential energy. Taking sharing bicycles as an example, it is a social innovation initiated by the enterprise side, which eventually led to the transformation of the entire transportation system, improved the traffic efficiency and improved the traffic experience.

Finally, from the layout of the layout, the intelligent society more emphasis on the top design, the interconnection of basic data. In the past practice of smart city construction, due to the different standards and different emphasis of construction, all the smart cities in one city enjoy the wisdom of residents in another city, and also encounter the problem of "unwisdom".

The goal of smart society is to put forward the top-level planning of future construction from a higher vision, and to better adjust the social basic data, standards and Technology Co Construction and sharing. The future wisdom society will not be the structure of a certain city or a certain field, but to make the service of wisdom deep into all aspects of the life of the whole society.

Generally speaking, smart society is based on the infrastructure and rules of big data and AI, and all sectors of society are actively involved in the effective use of cutting-edge technology, so as to form production and health based on intelligence and data.