Ai Cong, director of the Zhejiang Chuang Bo wisdom Gallery Research Institute, talks about the three elements of the development of the corridor

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In January 2016, general secretary Xi Jinping put forward a clear request for the overall strengthening of work safety in the Standing Committee meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, emphasizing that lessons from the blood warned us that public safety is no small matter and we must adhere to safety development. At the same time, we must strengthen infrastructure construction and enhance safety and security capabilities. We must resolute safety precautions against urban construction, dangerous old houses, glass curtain walls, muck storage yards, tailings reservoirs, gas pipelines, underground pipe corridors and other major hidden dangers and large-scale mass activities.

Ai Cong told reporters: "in accordance with the requirements of the directive, the safety protection of the comprehensive corridor should be included in the category of urban public safety, and the safety development must be adhered to. The comprehensive corridor has the characteristics of long life cycle and long linear distance, and the main body is located in the underground, the space is relatively small and the underground situation is complex and changeable. There are many pipelines, high risk and long replacement cycle. The power units of each pipeline are different, the management standards are different, and the administrative departments are different. The corridor is faced with many factors, such as internal and external disasters, equipment risk, personnel risk and so on. The operation and maintenance cycle is long and the cumulative cost is high. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure the public safety of the comprehensive corridor, and it is the highest goal of the construction of the corridor. Urban public safety is a coupling of urban problems and security problems. Its complexity makes it a more complex system problem, which has the characteristics of crowd aggregation, vulnerability and social sensitivity. Effect of pipe gallery unsafe factors including corridor engineering geology, construction process of instability; supply failure, leakage, fire, flood, toxic disaster, explosion disaster has brought disaster chain feature coupling, symbiosis, associated with the personal injury and property loss in the tube; the internal structure of instability caused internal pipe gallery play disaster, these will affect the normal function of the city."

Wisdom is the core technology of security prevention and control

The national standard "engineering and technical specification for monitoring and warning systems of urban integrated pipe corridors", which is to be promulgated, requires comprehensive piping gallery to set up subsystems of environment and equipment monitoring, safety precautions, communication, early warning and alarm. According to the standard requirements, the piping gallery system needs supporting facilities such as fire protection, power supply, lighting, ventilation, drainage, monitoring and other ancillary facilities, and efficient use of intelligent monitoring equipment to ensure safe operation of the pipe gallery. Ai Cong further explained: "the city's comprehensive pipe rack monitoring and alarm system generally adopts the advanced computer technology, communication technology and control technology of construction, pipe rack power cable, water supply and drainage pipes, gas pipelines, pipelines and other high-risk pipeline operation safety, safety and pipe gallery gallery staff safety monitoring and management. In the operation of equipment and Pipe Gallery Gallery of the environment in a controlled state, to achieve automatic control, intelligent management, intelligent operation and maintenance."

AI Cong stressed that in order to meet the requirements of the national standard, there must be enough key equipment, first of all, the data model, which is the "brain" of the comprehensive corridor. A simulation model is constructed to simulate the typical accident, according to the internal pipe gallery fire, gas leakage, and cable discharge pipe explosion pervious multi disaster disaster accident coupling principle, based on the development of the "driving force pressure state impact response" (DPSIR) based on the theoretical model of pipe gallery planning - Design - construction - Detection - operation and maintenance of the entire life cycle of intrinsic safety design technology.

How to realize the coordination of the "brain", "eye" and "hand and foot" of the corridor? "Integrated corridors need key technical support for safety," Ai Cong said. As the lifeline of the city, an integrated pipe corridor may cause an irreparable loss of disaster in the event of an accident. There are such subsystems as environmental monitoring, video surveillance, entrance guard and alarm. If these subsystems are independent of each other, they cannot share information and resources between each other, and do not form interoperability. When they encounter problems, they will not be able to take a unified emergency response from the whole situation in time. Therefore, the integrated pipe gallery monitoring system and professional pipeline monitoring system should be linked with operation and maintenance process and emergency rescue. We should establish an emergency response system, prepare contingency plans, and have emergency handling process, emergency linkage and other functions.

Operation and maintenance is the basic guarantee for the sustainable development of the corridor

Ai Cong said: to build the "35132" project is the core concept of building the intelligent transportation and maintenance of the corridor. "35132" includes three objects: pipe rack body, body, pipeline ancillary equipment; five types of services: daily duty, monitoring, maintenance, emergency command and administrative management; a platform: comprehensive pipe gallery wisdom operation management platform (data model); three access monitoring and control signal: signals and communication signals; two processes: management of standard operating procedures, emergency command standard operating procedures.

Ai Cong demonstrated to reporters the comprehensive management and maintenance management platform of the integrated corridor based on the "35132" concept. The SOA platform architecture based on the concept of the wisdom of the unified management of equipment operation, comprehensive pipe gallery maintenance, daily duty, emergency command, hidden investigation, data analysis, access approval, management, service and other services, the City Gallery of the information sharing, resource integration, precise control and intelligent decision so, do the equipment standardization and maintenance efficiency, resource intensive, visual wisdom control platform become the "lifeline" of the city.

This platform use networking, 3D visualization and intelligent sensor technology, real-time monitoring of the tunnel in the flow and pressure, and the use of large data analysis and management technology, promote the comprehensive pipe gallery intelligent transformation, achieve comprehensive pipe gallery dynamic monitoring and early warning analysis and emergency disposal system of "wisdom" operations. In order to achieve the basic data and the dynamic information of pipe gallery sharing, resource integration, precise control and intelligent decision, the pipe gallery building into pipe gallery, intensive and ecological wisdom.

With many years of technology accumulation and R & D experience, Chuang Bo has been committed to providing support solutions for pipeline corridor operation and maintenance, and creating a comprehensive pipeline corridor intelligent operation and maintenance management platform to meet the needs of the Internet of things era. At present, the company has designed top-level design for intelligent operation and maintenance of multiple pipeline corridors, such as Hangzhou, Changsha and Jingdezhen, and has been on-line for Shiyan's operation and maintenance platform based on urban public safety.

"For the tube corridor, I have always had a feeling of insistence and persevering, an entrepreneur should bear the feelings of social responsibility. As a part of the urban underground space, the comprehensive pipe gallery needs to meet the related management requirements of the city, and Unicom's urban geographic information system lays the foundation for the construction of smart city. The operation and maintenance of the tube corridor needs the support of the government, and it needs to expand from technological innovation to the whole industry innovation. Ai Cong said.

Since 2012, chuangbo companies around the pipe gallery of basic research, technology innovation and development platform have invested about 30000000 yuan, editor of the national standard "city comprehensive pipe gallery monitoring and alarm systems engineering technical specifications", one of the industry standard "comprehensive pipe gallery operation maintenance and safety technical standards", under the auspices of the "comprehensive pipe gallery management wisdom the platform" research by the Ministry of housing and Urban Construction Department of science and technology officially approved. In May this year, the company was established in Hangzhou as a strategic alliance for the integrated corridor safety and emergency industry, and the company was elected as the director of the alliance. With the aim of innovation, integration and sharing, the alliance builds an industrial ecological circle strategic alliance with industrial complementarity, project interaction, resource sharing and win win development, which helps our country's comprehensive corridor business develop healthfully.