Expert discussion on the innovation and development of characteristic cities and towns

2018-01-29 18:15:16 admin 24

In December 14th, the 2017 Forum on innovation and development of cities and towns was held in Beijing by the investment promotion Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and the China Real Estate Association. Forum on integration of city and town features simultaneously, hire purchase and other issues set a keynote speech and conduct dialogue peak, trend analysis of the development of towns. Liu Zhifeng, President of China Association of real estate industry, said that the rational construction of small towns and the orderly development of small towns should be innovated from 5 aspects: system mechanism, planning concept, resource integration, mode means and assessment and evaluation. Li Yong, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau, thinks that during the construction process of Characteristic Towns and small towns, we should pay attention to the problems of unclear concept, inaccurate positioning, blind development and insufficient marketization. Li Tie, director of China's urban and small town reform and development center, put forward 4 suggestions: deal with the relationship between the government and the market, stimulate the vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises, create a soft environment for the development of the characteristic towns, and minimize the cost of innovation and development of the market participants.